Natalie Farmer  CD(DONA)

Doula. My son Tryesen is 6years old; I had preeclampsia and had him at 37 weeks with a
smooth delivery.  My daughter Allie is 2 years old and although she was born at 33 week,
that delivery was wonderful. After I had Allie my obstetrician approached me about being
a Doula, she said I would be great at it. As I talked through this with my husband we
realized this was a passion of mine. I knew it would be an area that I would thrive in and be
able to help other woman achieve that birth they and their partner want.
I am a professionally trained Doula. A  Doula is a woman specially trained to provide non-
medical support to expectant families. I provide physical, emotional and evidence-based
informational support. It is my desire to work with the birth team to enhance my client’s
birth experience. Below is an online of my scope of practice. My role is to foster self
determination and confidence, thus empowering the families I serve. Though it is not
common for moms to encounter difficulties in labor and birth, I am aware that complications
happen, making certain interventions necessary. I would also like to acknowledge that
Doulas practice in a variety of ways. I am committed to providing the highest degree of
professionalism possible and appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate to you how a
truly professional Doula provides care to the families she serves.
A Doula does:
Support the decisions of the expectant family.
Offer constant encouragement.
Remind mom to drink and empty bladder.
Suggest appropriate positions.
Suggest appropriate comfort measures (massage, shower, hot/cold packs, birth ball…..).
Support the partner.
Possess technical knowledge.
Act in an appropriate and professional manner throughout the entire birth process.
A Doula does not:
Make decisions for the mom or partner.
Argue with hospital staff.
Perform clinical tasks (such as heart tone checks or vaginal checks).
Operate or touch medical equipment.

This is a brief statement, reflecting the Doula’s scope of practice. To find out more
about me, Doulas in general, questions, concerns or ideas, please contact:

Natalie Farmer  Professional Doula, CD(DONA)
By phone: 559-281-3894     
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